The Implementation of Barnaby’s Plan!!

Rod pilotingOpinion – Rod Dunbar 

I most certainly disagree with the latest proposal by CCA regarding the funding from consolidate revenue* of its advocacy/political activities, I believe the Cattle Transaction Levy (CTL) must only be used for so called market failure defined by the Department as R&D and undefined Marketing Schemes, and definitely not Agri-Political activities. It is now imperative that the levy payers, at the earliest opportunity, be consulted by Referendum or Plebiscite with a secret ballot, to determine conclusively that there is an absolute majority that there is no support the imposition of a levy in the first instance.

(* – this includes Government funding that CCA receives from the ‘Industry Reserve Fund’ currently paid to CCA to perform Government functions/duties prescribed via regulation and detailed in the industry’s MoU)

There is however, much more to the historical origins of the events that formulate this story, to date, that brings us to this moment in history.

It is true that government funding of CCA and for CCA revamped is to retain its place as a government body assigned to represent the Grass-fed sector’s constituency was always the plan, right from the earliest times when the ABA under Economou formulated a policy document (one of the very few) supporting MLA (which was subsequently leaked to USA); it said in part we the levy payer had a “social responsibility” to keep the MLA public service employees in a job.

That was the start of the public convergence of the ABA and CCA to a single entity, it certainly predates the first Senate Inquiry; and it was in its origins a burning desire of those few in the cattle/meat industry, primarily vertically integrated entities, but others as well, whom have been enjoying the luxury of the expenditure of our Taxation funds into their private businesses, a bit like a subsidy, with MLA as the conduit to achieve that aim; under the authority of successive Ministers since 1997. 

There was never was and still is no intention to deliver any sort of “democratic” structure, only a desire of those in that 10% at the top to maintain their income stream, exercise the power of control over the 90%; and of course the desire of Government to be able to control the entire “industry” by just instructing the 10% and have them enforce Government Policy by Regulation, always under the watchful eye of a Minister.

All the while maintaining the deliberately deceptive façade of the MLA type of “producer owned” entity, that is in essence a full blown statutory authority, running on Taxation money, controlled by the Minister again. The ABA has always secretly supported the original structure, this can be traced to their annual membership drives for membership of MLA; and they were always allocated the representation of the “dissidents” by “industry” to bring them (the dissidents) into the fold by joining MLA to “vote” in a futile exercise at each MLA AGM. 

The allocation of the ABA as dissident representative status has only evaporated since the discontent has spread rapidly in the last say 3 years since the total collapse of the membership structure within the SFO’s; the one thing that the industry identities based in Canberra never in their wildest dreams contemplated was that producers would leave the SFOs and threaten the existence of CCA, hence the compulsory funding of CCA to maintain control at the expense of Liberty, a concept repugnant to our current compulsory representatives.

The Minister thought that in the period leading up to December 2013, faced with the huge public outcry that he would have a Senate Inquiry (the first one), believing the good old boys would front and the dissidents would not. He misread the feeling of marginalization and oppression of the Grass fed producer sector; he seems also to be completely indifferent as to the economic plight in the Grass-fed producer sector.

Remarkably Minister Joyce threatened the dissidents at the outset of the announcement of the Senate Inquiry – reported on the prestigious journal Beef Central Minister Joyce said;

“I am hoping that people realise that, say what you like, but the other person gets to reply, it’s on the record, but if it is not correct it is contempt of the senate, (and) it is punishable by two years in jail”

This is a threat to the liberty of every individual that pays the CTL and whose property is indentured through the Industry Act. Minister Joyce having previously sat in the Senate would have known that his words were wrong and a deliberate misrepresentation designed to instil fear and was completely false as all submissions either verbal or written are protected by Parliamentary privilege by the Senate.

They, the SFOs and CCA, had been unable to sufficiently influence the inquiry to their preferred Policy, primarily because of the failure of CCA and RMAC effectively “industry”, to secure and manage a profitable economic outcome for the Grass-fed sector since 1997. That lead to the weight of evidence of individual people, the producers’ submissions rejecting the current structures’ management since 1997 reasserted the long-held view of Producers generally that the structure is not answerable to the levy payers; the structure is undemocratic and unrepresentative; and there is no mechanism to evolve democracy as there is no Identification of the tax payer whatsoever; the lack if identification of  the Taxpayer flies in the face of all modern tax law where taxpayer ID is essential. 

In the aftermath of the findings of the inquiry the SFOs and CCA were stunned at the seven recommendations; it was an absolute surprise and it (the senate report) was bipartisan; it was the first real win where the majority of cattle producers were consulted directly and not just spoken for by the Canberra based bureaucracy which is CCA; they (CCA) said privately they “were unable to live with” the seven recommendations. 

At a point between the Senate Committee hearings and submissions and the delivery of the Recommendations the Department in damage control formed a “task force” in order to save what it could in the aftermath of the inquiry now that the submissions passed 200; desperate to save the funding of the CTL, maintain CCA as a Prescribed Body and to maintain their control of the distribution of that funding, rather than as we (USA) have suggested that the Australian Tax Office (ATO) control the levy itself.

The next step was the Minister called a meeting (19th December 2014) to plan a way through the damning Senate report but still keep the structure and maintain the funding; so all “industry” including the sectors not part of the Senate inquiry, and in the express cases of the Processors, whom the Recommendations demanded be removed from the Grass-fed sector, and RMAC whom the Recommendations demanded be dissolved, were invited, not just the Grass-fed sector.

USA was invited; we presented a written statement (attachment) rather than attend; we believed there was a plan already in motion and the meeting simply a rubber stamp and that we were about to ambushed.  We were told “Barnaby has a Plan!!!” 

Since that December meeting CCA and the SFOs have changed their previous stated policy on the Senate recommendations to bring their rhetoric in line with the plan (which now includes ABA); Barnaby’s Plan drafted, we suspect by the “Task Force” within the Department is, for those of us who are students of political science, is the absolute epitome of false democracy; a series of committees that separate and distance the elector from the executive; it is not in any way a directly elected model, it is just a sham to appear to be so. 

So CCA on the appointed day presents to the Minister a master plan that unites the CCA and ABA, still only the 10% as ABA is struggling to exist and CCA has even less members now as the SFOs have withdrawn.  The Minister announces the “marriage” at parliament house and is “presented” with 15 pages of The Plan!!!!  He is ecstatic and says its “historic”, nobody suspects it is likely to be his plan drafted by the department. 

Within a day there appears on the prestigious journal Beef Central a presentation of The Plan but only 3 pages of the documentation is released, and not the full plan. We all smelt a rat at that point; there must be a very good reason why they will not release the full “The Plan”.

A few days later the full documentation was leaked to USA.  Having read it and formulated an opinion USA Director John Michelmore wrote an opinion piece with the intention to release the documents along with our official USA opinion to the media. The prestigious Beef Central was approached, as it was the chosen media source it which The Plan had been released, and after a requested minor edit of the opinion piece by John, Beef Central published it.   

The problem was that Beef Central edited it again prior to publication, altering the thrust of the presentation which made it Beef Central’s work and not the opinion of USA, but they presented it as John Michelmore’s work.   We took a screen shot for future reference and demanded it be withdrawn.  

The USA opinion was then published on our website along with the 15 pages which are the structure and a one page budget.  Farmonline published a story based on our opinion piece and obtained some very revealing comment from CCA.   

In the Farmonline interview the CCA represented by Mr Matz and Mr Smith distanced CCA from the proposal, the supposed unified proposal released by Minister Joyce; they used “meaningless” , “have no status” , they said “the budget was drawn up, reluctantly” to describe their official position; which was a flat rejection on the “unity” proposal and leads to the question of who did draw up the documents, and why did CCA “reluctantly” agree to them and now reject them.  We are sure we know the answer to that question. 

The latest comment (on Monday 3rd) from the Minister’s office is that they are…”looking at how to address the 7 Senate recommendations” not implementing them; and a cursory remark and veiled accusation that USA is alleging “Conspiracy”!!! So we must have hit a nerve, only time will tell.  The Ministerial spokesperson said the Minister was holding the CCA and ABA to their agreement presented to the Minister and did not believe the statements on Farmonline were correct!!!

I am thoroughly convinced they, the Government, will never implement the 7 recommendations in good faith and in the way that the Senate Committee presented them.

United Stockowners will never support funding of an Agri-political advocacy group like CCA from a Government source.  Our Policy definition of Political Advocacy is;

“any activity that the person engaging in believes will, or that the person intends to, in any way influence any agency or official of the Government of Australia or any section of the public within Australia with reference to formulating, adopting, or changing the domestic or foreign policies of Australia or with reference to the political or public interests, policies, or relations of a government of a foreign country or of a foreign political party.”

Ultimately we must fight for our Liberty and individual rights and the continuation of those rights without the suffocating control of the Government Collective; we must fight for a national Plebiscite of those people paying compulsory levy within the cattle industry and vote down the levy itself; the De-Regulation of all our private businesses and that means repeal of the Industry Act the removal and repeal of the Levy legislation itself and the defunding of MLA/RMAC/CCA. 

We really have only one final hope that is, in the absence of proper de-regulation, to lobby the Senate for a disallowance motion on the levy.

We must keep up the struggle!! 

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.” -  Thomas Jefferson


  1. Rob Moore says:

    Wow- that is a pretty comprehensive timeline Rod!
    There is a long period of effort in a long time of the worst trading conditions that grassfed producers have ever seen.Barnaby Joyce’s first quotes when he took over were to the effect that he is merely the “Ambassador for Ag”. This means that the miriad of sub committees and self fulfilling feifdoms that rely on paper shuffling , fear and imaginery paper pushing empires that the 4000+ employees in Dept of Ag rely on to pass the day with are a law unto themselves………………and please stay away from us.
    To his credit ( whether it was planned or an accidental weak moment) – the senate report was initiated. It is six months overdue. There have been two more and a third mooted this last week ALL along the similar themes of this original corrupt levy system and the associated graft and sellout of the producers -by the so called “Industry”. On the 13th Nov 2013 -I submitted my Primary Production Pricing Plan to him in written form. This wasn’t even responded to for several months and in the meantime we have the big “blue sky, navel gazing , wish list,blueprint” on Competitiveness and all the big ticket nation building fantasies.
    I can’t prove it but I would say that my little idea could well have been the “light bulb ” moment for this never ending ,overdue-White Paper process! The PPP bill is firmly entrenched in there. It is rec#7 in this RRAT process that has stalled. It will dliver between $3-500 per head to the farmgate of every producer in it’s first year of operation. Having done all that private work to get this on the agenda AND stirring and fighting with all the players Rod has listed above- I am in a very good position to confirm that there is no desire or motivation for these power brokers to do anything in the near future/if ever???
    Producers (or anyone from the rank and file for that matter) with a pulse and motivation to stand and fight against a crooked system that sells them out are always going to be an isolated extreme minority. We have this triangle of buckpassing that has delivered 16+ years of rudderless freefall to what is a disgustingly low level of morale -down on the farm. The triangle is the Ag minister and his staff(Political) Dept of ag ( Sir Humphrey!) and the Producer Shopfronts (Dogs breakfast!)
    The state of play @ this minute has us closer than at any point to getting reform but as Rod has shown this triangular wash cycle is stuck on replay and no one seems game to touch the controls. I have been pursuing Richard Norton MLA chief as to what they have instigated to identify and retrieve the $ value of levies paid. ans ZERO. I have been pursuing Paul Grimes in a whistleblower capacitity over the smelly CCA/MLA tender that I applied for last year.He gave me the brush off but has since been bushed himself. I had an hourlong talk with Phillip Glyde no#2 @ DA and he is quite knowlegable and I hope he replaces Grimes.
    He CONFIRMED that any changes will require complex bill writing and legislation through both houses of Parliament and that they haven’t been instructed to work out how to do #rec2 YET. So this tells me we aren’t even at the begining blocks on this reform………………… ambassador Joyce has not a clue as to how to give us what we need OR as Rod says – he already has his plan.
    A few cosmetic changes and then -hey it’s election time and I was the hero that reformed the livestock sector. The clock is ticking in his office – not mine as I have everything fully dated and documented………………………Please prove me wrong Barnaby and all will be forgiven…….otherwise hell hath no fury

  2. Rob Wass says:

    It seems that the Dept of Agriculture is the ultimate wet-nurse nanny for a bunch of invited control freaks whose government appointed job – peak councils – is to create an imaginary market failure, spruik it until the cows drop dead, then hand it to the Dept so they can tax it so that the Dept can then provide superannuated employment for a whole new parasite ‘Industry’.

    It’s time to look at abolishing the ‘Levies Collection Unit’ from within the Dept, including the tax collecting ‘Intermediaries’ and moving the whole primary industries levy system to the Dept of Finance – ATO – for collection and disbursement. Putting levies as line item on BAS statements would be a wonderful start and non-gst registered trading individuals could be simply picked up for any levies on their end of year returns.

  3. Rob Moore says:

    Rob -your idea is so simple and effective( not the guiding aims of a bloated public service). See this annual total of cattle levies and non levy numbers and you all will realise that these are just bulked up monthly figures into six clumns and absolutely no linkage to who paid what!

    Levy/Statistic Summary (by Period)

    Date From : “01/01/2011″
    Date To : “31/12/2011″
    Commodity : Cattle

    For Period:January 2011
    Levy Code Description Unit Quantity Paid
    LMU10701 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed Units 766266 $3,830,766.10
    LMU10702 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Non Levy Units 308961 $0.00
    LMU10702a Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Total Units 1076457 $0.00
    LMU10703 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves Units 10611 $9,522.02
    LMU10704 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Non Levy Units 5596 $0.00
    LMU10704a Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Total Units 16174 $0.00
    LMU10705 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed Units 109922 $549,610.00
    LMU10706 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Non Levy Units 25938 $0.00
    LMU10706a Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Total Units 135860 $0.00

    For Period:February 2011
    Levy Code Description Unit Quantity Paid
    LMU10701 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed Units 1017429 $5,079,471.44
    LMU10702 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Non Levy Units 399937 $0.00
    LMU10702a Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Total Units 1417366 $0.00
    LMU10703 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves Units 14866 $12,917.70
    LMU10704 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Non Levy Units 6866 $0.00
    LMU10704a Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Total Units 21732 $0.00
    LMU10705 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed Units 168370 $841,850.00
    LMU10706 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Non Levy Units 47252 $0.00
    LMU10706a Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Total Units 215622 $0.00

    For Period:March 2011
    Levy Code Description Unit Quantity Paid
    LMU10701 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed Units 1076079 $5,373,218.31
    LMU10702 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Non Levy Units 400927 $0.00
    LMU10702a Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Total Units 1477006 $0.00
    LMU10703 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves Units 30253 $26,925.26
    LMU10704 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Non Levy Units 16334 $0.00
    LMU10704a Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Total Units 46587 $0.00
    LMU10705 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed Units 156343 $781,715.00
    LMU10706 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Non Levy Units 51107 $0.00
    LMU10706a Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Total Units 207450 $0.00

    For Period:April 2011
    Levy Code Description Unit Quantity Paid
    LMU10701 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed Units 949384 $4,742,934.71
    LMU10702 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Non Levy Units 337233 $0.00
    LMU10702a Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Total Units 1286617 $0.00
    LMU10703 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves Units 31642 $28,251.00
    LMU10704 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Non Levy Units 17051 $0.00
    LMU10704a Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Total Units 48693 $0.00
    LMU10705 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed Units 132097 $660,484.99
    LMU10706 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Non Levy Units 39089 $0.00
    LMU10706a Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Total Units 171186 $0.00

    For Period:May 2011
    Levy Code Description Unit Quantity Paid
    LMU10701 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed Units 1178258 $5,885,124.75
    LMU10702 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Non Levy Units 404618 $0.00
    LMU10702a Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Total Units 1582876 $0.00
    LMU10703 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves Units 38492 $34,361.10
    LMU10704 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Non Levy Units 22464 $0.00
    LMU10704a Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Total Units 60956 $0.00
    LMU10705 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed Units 165155 $825,775.00
    LMU10706 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Non Levy Units 49073 $0.00
    LMU10706a Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Total Units 214228 $0.00

    For Period:June 2011
    Levy Code Description Unit Quantity Paid
    LMU10701 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed Units 981208 $4,905,479.13
    LMU10702 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Non Levy Units 375908 $0.00
    LMU10702a Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Total Units 1357116 $0.00
    LMU10703 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves Units 48051 $43,243.18
    LMU10704 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Non Levy Units 20710 $0.00
    LMU10704a Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Total Units 68761 $0.00
    LMU10705 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed Units 162262 $811,310.00
    LMU10706 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Non Levy Units 48233 $0.00
    LMU10706a Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Total Units 210495 $0.00
    LMU10801 Cattle-Annual-Transaction-Grass Fed Units 127174 $622,534.99
    LMU10802 Cattle-Annual-Transaction-Grass Fed-Non Levy Units 7311 $0.00
    LMU10802a Cattle-Annual-Transaction-Grass Fed-Total Units 134485 $0.00
    LMU10803 Cattle-Annual-Transaction-Bobby Calves Units 6651 $5,985.90
    LMU10804 Cattle-Annual-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Non Levy Units 52 $0.00
    LMU10804a Cattle-Annual-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Total Units 6703 $0.00
    LMU10805 Cattle-Annual-Transaction-Grain Fed Units 2424 $12,120.00
    LMU10806 Cattle-Annual-Transaction-Grain Fed-Non Levy Units 13 $0.00
    LMU10806a Cattle-Annual-Transaction-Grain Fed-Total Units 2437 $0.00

    For Period:July 2011
    Levy Code Description Unit Quantity Paid
    LMU10701 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed Units 784063 $3,919,806.41
    LMU10702 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Non Levy Units 322459 $0.00
    LMU10702a Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Total Units 1106522 $0.00
    LMU10703 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves Units 41236 $37,112.39
    LMU10704 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Non Levy Units 28569 $0.00
    LMU10704a Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Total Units 69805 $0.00
    LMU10705 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed Units 152941 $764,704.99
    LMU10706 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Non Levy Units 47534 $0.00
    LMU10706a Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Total Units 200475 $0.00

    For Period:August 2011
    Levy Code Description Unit Quantity Paid
    LMU10701 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed Units 934819 $4,673,542.20
    LMU10702 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Non Levy Units 368586 $0.00
    LMU10702a Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Total Units 1303405 $0.00
    LMU10703 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves Units 78456 $70,610.36
    LMU10704 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Non Levy Units 56031 $0.00
    LMU10704a Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Total Units 134487 $0.00
    LMU10705 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed Units 174096 $870,467.96
    LMU10706 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Non Levy Units 51903 $0.00
    LMU10706a Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Total Units 225999 $0.00

    For Period:September 2011
    Levy Code Description Unit Quantity Paid
    LMU10701 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed Units 1022079 $5,108,263.71
    LMU10702 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Non Levy Units 351856 $0.00
    LMU10702a Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Total Units 1373935 $0.00
    LMU10703 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves Units 67854 $61,068.60
    LMU10704 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Non Levy Units 40097 $0.00
    LMU10704a Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Total Units 107951 $0.00
    LMU10705 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed Units 148575 $742,844.98
    LMU10706 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Non Levy Units 42070 $0.00
    LMU10706a Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Total Units 190645 $0.00

    For Period:October 2011
    Levy Code Description Unit Quantity Paid
    LMU10701 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed Units 973710 $4,861,559.86
    LMU10702 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Non Levy Units 383930 $0.00
    LMU10702a Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Total Units 1357640 $0.00
    LMU10703 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves Units 35753 $31,161.59
    LMU10704 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Non Levy Units 17139 $0.00
    LMU10704a Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Total Units 52892 $0.00
    LMU10705 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed Units 141755 $708,745.00
    LMU10706 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Non Levy Units 44498 $0.00
    LMU10706a Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Total Units 186253 $0.00

    For Period:November 2011
    Levy Code Description Unit Quantity Paid
    LMU10701 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed Units 1029182 $5,101,082.65
    LMU10702 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Non Levy Units 372973 $0.00
    LMU10702a Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Total Units 1402155 $0.00
    LMU10703 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves Units 15476 $12,626.10
    LMU10704 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Non Levy Units 5489 $0.00
    LMU10704a Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Total Units 20965 $0.00
    LMU10705 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed Units 152307 $761,499.96
    LMU10706 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Non Levy Units 48579 $0.00
    LMU10706a Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Total Units 200886 $0.00

    For Period:December 2011
    Levy Code Description Unit Quantity Paid
    LMU10701 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed Units 362473 $1,135,197.75
    LMU10702 Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Non Levy Units 241290 $0.00
    LMU10702a Cattle-Transaction-Grass Fed-Total Units 603763 $0.00
    LMU10703 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves Units 4144 $2,373.14
    LMU10704 Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Non Levy Units 3253 $0.00
    LMU10704a Cattle-Transaction-Bobby Calves-Total Units 7397 $0.00
    LMU10705 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed Units 74046 $120,540.00
    LMU10706 Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Non Levy Units 29301 $0.00
    LMU10706a Cattle-Transaction-Grain Fed-Total Units 103347 $0.00

  4. Rob Moore says:

    Really we are all no further advanced from where I left off with this letter to Ludwig. We need the Aust Govt Soliciter to give a ruling on all these Levy EXEMPTIONS according to the wording of the act. Today – this still must be the first move as all those involved don’t seem to be aware of what a potentially corrupt “church plate” system that has been running for 16+ years.

    To: ; ;
    Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2011 8:25 PM
    Subject: The run around!!

    Dear Minister,
    Also Lisa the head of the Levies Collection Unit and Dougal the ceo of ALFA. It has been about a month now since I started asking specific Questions of your three departments and also many to the MLA. I have had two lengthy discussions with Laurie Robertson – head of Corporate Affairs @mla.I have sent half a dozen emails to the minister without a single email of acknowlegement! I did receive a phone call one day from Alastair -Mr ludwigs number one advisor to see if I was serious or not. I could check my phone records and would find about 20 calls in without a single reply.
    This treatment from public servants is not in your best interests – I have spent many hours on this research and the implications of the discoveries are HUGE. No one yet has disputed my logic- no one even seems to understand the ACT that they are working under! No one cares a toss.!
    I care as this is my Industry of 35 years participating and I have been very involved for 6 years now and like everyone else – dispair at the MLA structure. Many an MLA -Agm we have been ridiculed and rubbished and the votes of the faithfull always support the “Club”.In all that time the top four processors in this country always had the voting block second to none and always any threat to bring on accountability to the MLA was soundly voted down. Meanwhile – I could never understand how a Processor could have any votes (due to levies paid) – let alone the controlling voting block!!?? Five years ago I did detailled research on the LRS and how it all works and was told by all and sundry that- processors pay a transaction levy when an animal leaves their own feedlot and goes through their own works . Even then I think it was 35000per month non-levy but nobody was interested so I gave up and pulled my head in for 5 years.
    Flash forward to 5 weeks ago and through my website I read an article in the Rural Press from Cattle Council Aust on a plan to get a drip feed from our compulsory transaction levy.So pathetic was it that they were even telling producers that you could “opt in or opt out”. This is totally impossible in my understanding of the system and fate interveened and three other associates who all did the same research at different times and came to the same conclusions were able to pool efforts and conclusions. One of them even opened a file with the AFPolice in 2006 and Mc Guarran sat on it. Five weeks later – they have formally lodged a claim for an explanation as is an obligation from you all where public money is administered- but never the less the “cold” shoulder is still being presented to us on a daily basis!!!

    Off the MLA/ALFA website with their feedlot surveys- The year ending Dec 2011
    On feed 790975 which is 62% of the TOTAL capacity of 1,284.416
    Total Turnoff 2,501,840. These were survey figures and projected three months ahead but the total capacity is crucial to this arguement!

    The LRS month by month figures of actual returns is most interesting! This also is for the twelve months ending Dec 2011

    Total Grainfed units recorded 2,262,446
    of that total – GRAIN FED NON_LEVY 528577 This equates to 23% no levy paid!

    My mission is about VOTING ENTITLEMENTS within the MLA structure and I am not trying to suggest anything – just get the answers and the rest will be obvious! Today Laurie Robertson and I agreed that the only scenario that a Processor would pay a transaction Levy – would be IF they are paying on the transfer (which isn’t a transaction) from their own feedlot to works. To my mind there are four biggies that qualify here- Swift,Oakey Holdings, Cargil/Teys and Aust Country Choice . We have researched their own sites and got their max capacities and guessed at their feeding cycles to come up with a 100% all year round figure of about 750000 animals (grain fed)

    So multiply this by the 62% occupancy in the last year we get 465000 cattle approx of these four’s own cattle = 20.5% of the total Grain Fed LRS entries. This gives 2.5% for those obscure scenarios that we have considered such as the very few GF cattle that get sold on speck in the saleyards.

    I am being told by every one that sect 5(1)c says that they must pay – but NO ONE wants to address sect 5(4) which is solely written for PROCESSORS and in effect says that they are taken to be delivered and slaughtered the same as all their Grass fed exemptions- 60 days 300 days – makes no difference – they are exempt according to the act. My research above is pretty compelling to say they don’t pay the levy inspite of all the talk to the contary. Even if they were paying against the intent of the ACT -this would be a donation and under the MLA mou – does not give voting entitlements.
    I have run out of patience on this and unless I get a timely response with something meaningful -I will be publishing this letter on my site and elsewhere.
    Regards to all,
    Rob Moore.

    • Rob Wass says:

      Rob M – since your letter to Ludwig, apparently the muppets that run the show have decided that section 5 (4) – (a) & (b) under the heading of (2) – Levy is not imposed by this Schedule: – does not actually apply to anyone. Section 5 (4) states:

      If cattle are delivered to a processor, otherwise than because of a sale to the processor, for fattening or agistment for a period before slaughter by the processor, the cattle:
      (a) are taken not to have been delivered to the processor for the purposes of paragraph (1)(b) unless they are slaughtered at the end of that period; and
      (b) if they are slaughtered at the end of that period, are taken to have been delivered to the processor immediately before their slaughter.

      Quite clearly the 2 main operational words (verbs) in this exemption are – “fattening or agistment”. However, when one goes to the Department of Agriculture website to muster information on whom and how the levy is either imposed or exempted, and specifically with respect to exemptions under Are there any exemptions from this levy? – Levy is not payable: absolutely no mention or even mild reference is made to – “fattening or agistment”.

      On the other hand, however, being clear as mud is a prerequisite to being a muppet !

  5. Rob Moore says:

    Rob W-
    The muppets have never even looked at this underpinning Legislation! I f they had – how on earth could CCA even think about an “opt in, opt out” rule to syphon money their way. Even now we read of the CCA “wet dream” of getting $4 M from the levy take…..they won’t give it up as it is their sole reason for being is to get fat @ our trough.
    Of course a ruling from someone in authority could have settled all this 9 years ago when I first investigated . To think that these processors are using our voting entitlements to get controlling voting blocks in our grassfed levy pool is the ultimate insult and we are two times or many more times loosers as a result.
    Quite clearly the 2 main operational words (verbs) in this exemption are – “fattening or agistment”. Yes this – for a processor means – FEEDLOT or BACKGROUNDER stock and ARE exempt and this is the very essence of “Captive supply” and “anti competitive” commerce that has been outlawed in the US since 1921 when they bought their “Packers and Stockyard Act ” in.
    Their PSA has had their cattle breeders on $5-5.40 per kg live ( in aussie $) for the past 3 years and their is nothing to suggest it is going to reduce now. Why are we allowed to only ever get to the mid $2.50′s briefly before they screw us down again…………………..? We all know why so people -get behind my PPP plan and get Joyce moving on it as well!

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