The Implementation of Barnaby’s Plan!!

Opinion – Rod Dunbar  I most certainly disagree with the latest proposal by CCA regarding the funding from consolidate revenue* of its advocacy/political activities, I believe the Cattle Transaction Levy (CTL) must only be used for so called market failure defined by the Department as R&D and undefined Marketing Schemes, and definitely not Agri-Political activities. […]

Grass Fed Levy Payer Senate Recommendations Hijacked

ABA email (593x800)

FULL (14 pgs) Cattle Council of Australia/ABA/AMPG/CCP New Structure Proposal – as handed to Minister Joyce – 17/02/2015 FULL first year budget as proposed by Cattle Council of Australia/ABA/AMPG/CCP – as handed to Minister Joyce – 17/02/2015 by John Michelmore – United Stockowners of Australia *Update – stitch-up – refer to questions at the bottom* […]


John Carpenter

Guest post by John Carpenter – (Cattle Producer – New England, NSW) Cattle production in Australia is dying of neglect. Neither the LIBERALS, nor the NATIONALS nor LABOR care about the consumers of beef or the producers of cattle. Legislation passed in 1997 (The Australian Meat and Livestock Industry Act) moved everything off  the government […]

United Stockowners responds to Cattle Council’s latest proposal

Trickle Down effect of meat marketing levies (533x800)

September 2014 saw the release of the report by the Senate inquiring into -“Industry structures and systems governing levies on grass-fed cattle”.  The Senate select committee determined that 7 recommendations should be implemented.  United Stockowners of Australia (USA) fully support all 7 of the Senate’s recommendations and call for their timely implementation. Following the release […]

USA – Senate Inquiry Submission Into Grass-fed Cattle Levies & Disbursements

United Stockowners of           Australia     NSW OFFICE                 HEAD OFFICE                  NT OFFICE                     “WALLAROY”              75 ALDINGA ROAD        “NUTWOOD DOWNS”                    WARREN NSW 2824      WILLUNGA SA 5172     DALY WATERS NT 0852                  Committee Secretary Senate Standing Committees on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Po Box 6100 Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600                                                                                                                       February 2014  […]

Beef industry needs greater control of money from levies

Reprinted with permission: Guest post by: Vivienne Crompton: Vivienne is a researcher on the legal rights project at the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA)   THE Federal Government’s proposed Senate inquiry into the collection and disbursement of levies in the beef cattle industry should be seized by producers. They should take control of the money government takes […]

USA’s Response To the Announced Senate Inquiry Into the Grass-fed Cattle Sector

Newly appointed Federal Minister for Agriculture, Mr Barnaby Joyce, announced on 4 November 2013 that he had requested “……..the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs Legislation Committee consider conducting an inquiry into the collection and disbursement of levies in the beef cattle industry.”  Mr Joyce then went onto cite the usual politically expedient straw-man: – “The […]

USA’s Submission to ABARES on: Implementation of improvements to the NLIS for sheep and goats


Overview:  The infectious desire by Government lawmakers to continually suffocate through interference in agricultural and grass-fed livestock businesses with excessive and restricting ‘Regulation’, that do little more than raise the cost of production, is one of the major reasons that agriculture and livestock businesses in Australia are uncompetitive and under severe stress, not only domestically, […]


For those cattle producers that are unaware of the fact that they pay a voluntary levy of now $1.05 per NLIS tag every time they purchase an NLIS tag, it is now time to claim last year’s voluntary levy (65 cents per NLIS tag) back; if you think, as we do that there is no […]

Update – Grass-Fed cattle sector ‘Restructure’

United Stockowners of Australia (USA) has been engaged in discussions with a spokesman for the Australian Meat Producers Group (AMPG) regarding their somewhat opaque proposition for the reform of the grass-fed Cattle sector.  Missing and apparently unidentified in their ideas that deal with this important issue is that it can be somehow suggested that a […]

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