Opinion Piece by John Michelmore                                                There have been comments in the media that say Barnaby Joyce is the best retail politician in the national party; but is this what you want as an elected politician. Yes, Johnny Depp’s dogs were a good news story, raising Banaby’s profile, but that does not necessarily translate into good […]

The Implementation of Barnaby’s Plan!!

Opinion – Rod Dunbar  I most certainly disagree with the latest proposal by CCA regarding the funding from consolidate revenue* of its advocacy/political activities, I believe the Cattle Transaction Levy (CTL) must only be used for so called market failure defined by the Department as R&D and undefined Marketing Schemes, and definitely not Agri-Political activities. […]

Grass Fed Levy Payer Senate Recommendations Hijacked

ABA email (593x800)

FULL (14 pgs) Cattle Council of Australia/ABA/AMPG/CCP New Structure Proposal – as handed to Minister Joyce – 17/02/2015 FULL first year budget as proposed by Cattle Council of Australia/ABA/AMPG/CCP – as handed to Minister Joyce – 17/02/2015 by John Michelmore – United Stockowners of Australia *Update – stitch-up – refer to questions at the bottom* […]

The Madness of Qld’s & Fed’s Vegetation Laws – the Chester Scriven Story

Corfu.Photo 1

Farmer Carries Australia’s Carbon Costs with Theft of Their Private Property The Sam (Chester) Scriven Story  by Jan & Chester Scriven – (ably assisted by our friends)    Chester and I moved from NSW with our family to Queensland some 37 years ago, and we live and operate a small grazing business west of St […]

The bull and the Borg

the bull

[Mods note ~ United Stockowners of Australia has received expressed permission from the good Lord - Christopher Monckton of Brenchley - to reproduce his latest essay.  It is indeed quite hilarious however, it is also very much indicative of the gross abuse of power by the South Australian Government employed Environmentalists. For younger readers the […]

Part 2 – South Australia – Repeal NRM Act 2004 – (NOW)

Letter to the Editor With reference to Roger Farley’s letter in this paper last week, there are two very important issues raised his letter. The first is farmer representation. Irrespective, any organisation representing farmers must not be seen to be in the pocket of government. References to SAFF abound in the State legislation while SAFF […]

South Australia – Repeal NRM Act 2004 – (NOW)

Recent calls for amendments to the Natural Resource and Management Act 2004 by some politicians (Southern Argus Jan 31st) do not go far enough. There is growing belief amongst voters that this Act is draconian and should not be part of our democratic process. This Act would be quite appropriate in the old Soviet Russia, […]

The Downfall of Farmers and Landowners Representation in Australia.

Opinion by Rob Wass. When one pays fees and joins an advocacy and service organisation one would expect that that organisation to advocate its membership (the regulated) to government (the regulator).  What one does not expect is for that organisation to become the selling agent for government regulation and further, to become financially connected to […]

(NSW) Native Vegetation Regulation Review – The Societal Cost Benefit Handbook for Thieves


Rob Wass writes: – In September 2011 the lifeless NSW Coalition Government along with its huge majority decided to commence a review of the current Native Vegetation Regulation 2005, which, under the NSW Subordinate Legislation Act 1989 was due for repeal unless or until it is rewritten on or by  September this year (2012).  So […]

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