John Carpenter

Guest post by John Carpenter – (Cattle Producer – New England, NSW) Cattle production in Australia is dying of neglect. Neither the LIBERALS, nor the NATIONALS nor LABOR care about the consumers of beef or the producers of cattle. Legislation passed in 1997 (The Australian Meat and Livestock Industry Act) moved everything off  the government […]

The Madness of Qld’s & Fed’s Vegetation Laws – the Chester Scriven Story

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Farmer Carries Australia’s Carbon Costs with Theft of Their Private Property The Sam (Chester) Scriven Story  by Jan & Chester Scriven – (ably assisted by our friends)    Chester and I moved from NSW with our family to Queensland some 37 years ago, and we live and operate a small grazing business west of St […]

The bull and the Borg

the bull

[Mods note ~ United Stockowners of Australia has received expressed permission from the good Lord - Christopher Monckton of Brenchley - to reproduce his latest essay.  It is indeed quite hilarious however, it is also very much indicative of the gross abuse of power by the South Australian Government employed Environmentalists. For younger readers the […]

Letter to the Editor – ‘Southern Argus’

Letter Writing

Dear Editor, As we speed headlong towards the next federal election we are all faced with the decision about whom we should vote for. Do you believe all the pamphlets and handouts, or do you ask questions of your prospective politicians. One should not be fooled by the spin coming from the highly funded media […]

The Road to Serfdom – The manipulation of the Northern Cattle Industry.


Opinion – Rod Dunbar – 05/03/2013 It is ironic that the disintegration of the northern cattle industry through the demise of live exports to Indonesia, combined with low enterprise incomes generally, unsustainable high property values and the resultant bank receivership actions across the north has triggered a fresh round of the old propaganda by MLA […]

Agriculture’s Reformation. Australian Farmers Party ??

chick olsson 2

Opinion - guest comment by Chick Olsson 02/02/2013 Australia has 2 big things going for it. One is mining, the second is agriculture. We do these things very well. No one can touch us, yet Agriculture receives very little support even though our farmers offer world class produce and clean food security. Coalition forces take it for […]

South Australia – The Scientific Fantasy that Returns Zero Water to the Environment for Zero Cost Benefit


Its seems that dam constructed legally in the past are going to be illegal unless they have low flow bypass mechanisms to bypass the dam when minor run off occurs in the dams catchment from rainfall.  Natural Resource Management (NRM) in South Australia is particularly keen to have farmers “save”  river and creek environments at […]

The End of International Environmentalism

Bear Sign (640x584)

From: Green ideology crashes and burns at the Rio +20 Earth Summit. Ronald Bailey from the October 2012 issue [extracts] Twenty years ago, the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro marked the arrival of environmentalism as a potent force in international affairs. That 1992 conference produced the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate […]

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