USA – Senate Inquiry Submission Into Grass-fed Cattle Levies & Disbursements

United Stockowners of           Australia     NSW OFFICE                 HEAD OFFICE                  NT OFFICE                     “WALLAROY”              75 ALDINGA ROAD        “NUTWOOD DOWNS”                    WARREN NSW 2824      WILLUNGA SA 5172     DALY WATERS NT 0852                  Committee Secretary Senate Standing Committees on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Po Box 6100 Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600                                                                                                                       February 2014  […]

Beef industry needs greater control of money from levies

Reprinted with permission: Guest post by: Vivienne Crompton: Vivienne is a researcher on the legal rights project at the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA)   THE Federal Government’s proposed Senate inquiry into the collection and disbursement of levies in the beef cattle industry should be seized by producers. They should take control of the money government takes […]

USA’s Submission to ABARES on: Implementation of improvements to the NLIS for sheep and goats


Overview:  The infectious desire by Government lawmakers to continually suffocate through interference in agricultural and grass-fed livestock businesses with excessive and restricting ‘Regulation’, that do little more than raise the cost of production, is one of the major reasons that agriculture and livestock businesses in Australia are uncompetitive and under severe stress, not only domestically, […]

The Madness of Qld’s & Fed’s Vegetation Laws – the Chester Scriven Story

Corfu.Photo 1

Farmer Carries Australia’s Carbon Costs with Theft of Their Private Property The Sam (Chester) Scriven Story  by Jan & Chester Scriven – (ably assisted by our friends)    Chester and I moved from NSW with our family to Queensland some 37 years ago, and we live and operate a small grazing business west of St […]

The bull and the Borg

the bull

[Mods note ~ United Stockowners of Australia has received expressed permission from the good Lord - Christopher Monckton of Brenchley - to reproduce his latest essay.  It is indeed quite hilarious however, it is also very much indicative of the gross abuse of power by the South Australian Government employed Environmentalists. For younger readers the […]

Chick Olsson – Letter to Editors – re: new Animal Welfare Standards

Dear Sir or Madam: In 1933 and 1936, the Nazi Government enacted the first western Animal Protection Acts, essentially giving animals more rights than humans. These Acts of Parliament did nothing to raise the standards of animals, but in effect lowered the rights of humans, causing mass suffering on an industrial scale, making a mockery […]

Letter to the Editor – ‘Southern Argus’

Letter Writing

Dear Editor, As we speed headlong towards the next federal election we are all faced with the decision about whom we should vote for. Do you believe all the pamphlets and handouts, or do you ask questions of your prospective politicians. One should not be fooled by the spin coming from the highly funded media […]


Members and general users please note: Over the past month or so the USA website has sustained a very large attack by ‘Spammers’ averaging between 300 and 1,000 attacks per day either through our comments provision and when this was shut off, through our site registration process.  By all accounts we have established that this […]


Changes proposed by the SA Cattle Advisory Group (CAG), Mr Andy Withers are reported the Stock Journal on March 7th in relation to the Cattle Industry Fund have inadvertently threatened the viability of all of the Primary Industry Funding schemes and the ability of all livestock bodies and producers to control and fund stock disease […]


John Michelmore United Stockowners of Australia In 2011 rural debt in Australia was around 65 billion dollars with the net farm value of production per annum at 12.5 billion dollars. In 2001 with the same net farm value of production, the rural debt was $30 billion dollars. As a result Australian agriculture is in crisis […]

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