USA’s Submission to ABARES on: Implementation of improvements to the NLIS for sheep and goats


Overview:  The infectious desire by Government lawmakers to continually suffocate through interference in agricultural and grass-fed livestock businesses with excessive and restricting ‘Regulation’, that do little more than raise the cost of production, is one of the major reasons that agriculture and livestock businesses in Australia are uncompetitive and under severe stress, not only domestically, […]

Should the Cattle and Sheep ‘Transaction Levy’ be scrapped ?

Opinion – Rob Wass In a recent article by Jon Condon at Beef Central, Swifts Australia’s CEO Brent Eastwood had this to say about passing some of Swifts Australia’s ‘costs’ back to the grass-fed Cattle sector: Mr Eastwood stressed the impact that cost burdens were having on both the Australian beef industry relative to major […]

Chick Olsson – Letter to Editors – re: new Animal Welfare Standards

Dear Sir or Madam: In 1933 and 1936, the Nazi Government enacted the first western Animal Protection Acts, essentially giving animals more rights than humans. These Acts of Parliament did nothing to raise the standards of animals, but in effect lowered the rights of humans, causing mass suffering on an industrial scale, making a mockery […]

Live cattle: stakeholders v steak holders

Nick Cater has a very good opinion piece in the Australian today (02/04/2013) relating to the all too familiar problem faced by our livestock producers.  It is heartening that other MSM, outside of Fairfax’s Rural Press and the absurd ABC, have finally picked up the ball instead of the steady-as-you-go claptrap that is fed to the […]

New animal welfare rules that could see farmers jailed for cruelty ??

nincompoop-farms-joe-low (640x427)

  Well it’s finally happened; our (prescribed) “Industry” representatives have gone completely mad and their (prescribed) representative status must be immediately removed. Sydney’s Daily Telegraph runs the story today (01/04/2013) headlined “Animal Health Australia wants cattle dogs used to the minimum” that states in the very first paragraph: “THE iconic Aussie cattle dog has been […]

Allan Savory: How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change

Apparently the answer is more livestock.  This is a must see video through to the end.  The first 5 minutes or so may put you off but please stay with it and all will be revealed.  

The Downfall of Farmers and Landowners Representation in Australia.

Opinion by Rob Wass. When one pays fees and joins an advocacy and service organisation one would expect that that organisation to advocate its membership (the regulated) to government (the regulator).  What one does not expect is for that organisation to become the selling agent for government regulation and further, to become financially connected to […]

(Sheep) – National OJD Management Plan 2012-2017

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By Rob Wass Commencing on 1 January 2013 the new ‘National OJD Management Plan 2012 – 2017’ for all Sheep owners in Australia will come into effect.  The plan has been orchestrated by the politically fixed peak Industry councils of Sheepmeat Council of Australia jointly with WoolProducers Australia with the plan to be administered by […]


In our recent article NOT ANOTHER LEVY  we covered the possibility of a new overarching agricultural levy to fund a new South Australian Farmers Federation (SAFF). This would not have been popular with South Australian farmers whom are already overburdened with  17 compulsorily voluntary acquired levies (that can be voluntarily claimed back), and numerous other […]

[part 2] South Australia – You Can Claim Your ‘Voluntary’ (Sheep) Levy Back

Following on from the earlier post, You Can Claim Your ‘Voluntary’ Levies Back, which detailed the how and why the South Australian State Government is collecting a ‘Cattle Industry Fund’ levy, attached to the purchase of (e)NLIS Cattle Tags, and which is fully refundable.  This is, in bureaucratic and industry terms, called a ‘Voluntary’ levy […]

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