Introducing the United Stockowners of Australia

Welcome to the United Stockowners of Australia (USA). We represent independent and non-aligned livestock owners from a position outside of the prescribed industry and its indentured membership.

The United Stockowners of Australia (USA) is a privately funded non-government prescribed organization representing cattle and livestock owners nationally; we stand for protection of individual liberty and the right to self determination rather than the unlimited right of Government to legislate based on the tyranny of the majority; we believe strongly in the preservation and protection of private property rights generally of both real and personal property and the right to own and control our property, without paramount overlord or Government regulation.

Our goal is to provide a forum for education and discussion for livestock and property owners concerning government legislation and regulation, general industry news local and overseas, and its relevance and impact on our livestock production businesses and the land that these enterprises are conducted on.

With respect to livestock, USA only represent the owners of livestock, who breed and grow livestock. Our representation ceases as soon as the animal is sold for slaughter or live export.

The Australian Meat and Livestock Industry Act 1997 (AMLI Act) and Regulations prescribes all of our livestock. As a result livestock owners are bound to feedlotters, processors and retailers. The livestock transaction levies we pay are basically funding the whole red meat industry, with only minor contributions from government, lotfeeders, processors and retailers. US of A acknowledges the need for the other segments in the red meat industry, however our legal responsibility for the carcass and red meat should cease once the livestock are sold  and from that point forward  the livestock are the responsibility of the purchaser.

The current structure has demanded, without legal support, the use of third party contracts, specifically Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) where the livestock producers are presumed to grant Intellectual Property Rights in livestock management to a third party and further, to retain responsibility for problems associated with the red meat throughout the supply chain and many are not aware of this responsibility.

In effect the prescribed industry structure allows the Minister for Agriculture to direct the industry as he sees fit using the prescribed bodies within the industry to enforce his/her directions. Livestock producers have no significant input as a result our livestock businesses, in effect, have been Nationalised.

A significant proportion of transaction levies (tax) from livestock producers ends up funding Research and Development (R&D) which is controlled by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA). As a result livestock producers have no control of R & D, and pork barrelling to gain MLA AGM votes is possible in return for R&D projects that are of no benefit to livestock producers.

USA will be lobbying governments to regain our position of equity as livestock owners and primary producers, a position of equity that has been dramatically diluted as a direct result of Government Regulation and Peak Council sponsorship and we need your input and support to achieve this goal.

Guest articles are welcome on this website, but subject to our internal editorial policies. If you wish to contribute please email the address above.

USA is a not for profit organisation and is funded by your generous donations and any advertising and merchandise sales from our website.

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