Squealing Processors and Misinformation

John CarpenterOpinion – John Carpenter

Beef processors are reducing shifts and laying off hundreds of workers blaming “record cattle prices” and a shortage of cattle. Butchers are being selectively quoted by the processor friendly online rural media promoting doomsday, going out of business scenarios due to “sky high” beef prices. In the real world, of course, butchers have been folding for decades due to their inability to compete on either price or quality. The meat workers union is also stirring the pot, roasting the old chestnut of a cap on live exports to save Aussie jobs. In union speak cap = ban and ignores the inconvenient truth that many “Aussie jobs” in processing plants are undertaken by foreigners on 457 visas doing work that Aussies won’t touch.

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Opinion Piece by John Michelmore                                                There have been comments in the media that say Barnaby Joyce is the best retail politician in the national party; but is this what you want as an elected politician. Yes, Johnny Depp’s dogs were a good news story, raising Banaby’s profile, but that does not necessarily translate into good […]

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The Implementation of Barnaby’s Plan!!

Opinion – Rod Dunbar  I most certainly disagree with the latest proposal by CCA regarding the funding from consolidate revenue* of its advocacy/political activities, I believe the Cattle Transaction Levy (CTL) must only be used for so called market failure defined by the Department as R&D and undefined Marketing Schemes, and definitely not Agri-Political activities. […]

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Grass Fed Levy Payer Senate Recommendations Hijacked

ABA email (593x800)

FULL (14 pgs) Cattle Council of Australia/ABA/AMPG/CCP New Structure Proposal – as handed to Minister Joyce – 17/02/2015 FULL first year budget as proposed by Cattle Council of Australia/ABA/AMPG/CCP – as handed to Minister Joyce – 17/02/2015 by John Michelmore – United Stockowners of Australia *Update – stitch-up – refer to questions at the bottom* […]

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John Carpenter

Guest post by John Carpenter – (Cattle Producer – New England, NSW) Cattle production in Australia is dying of neglect. Neither the LIBERALS, nor the NATIONALS nor LABOR care about the consumers of beef or the producers of cattle. Legislation passed in 1997 (The Australian Meat and Livestock Industry Act) moved everything off  the government […]

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